The Leys School Exchange Program – the return visit to the UK

The Leys School Exchange Program – the return visit to the UK

The first week’s over...

Since the beginning of the new school term, our four exchange students have participated in a variety of classes and activities; math, biology, boating and canoeing, which are popular activities for the locals. Through these experiences, they have been gradually accustomed to school life at the Leys.

They also had chances to introduce such traditional activities as origami, and to teach the British pupils some basic Japanese. One of their buddies said she had been so intrigued by the culture presented by the Aoyama students last year that she decided to join the exchange this school year.

At the reception party where many Leys teachers and host families attended, the students gave a formal presentation on Japanese manners and traditions, which they had meticulously prepared for this special occasion.

The excursion to London was one of the highlights of this trip. Through their visits to the Tower of London and the British Museum, our four students admired the long history of the country.

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