Global Week II Fair Trade Session

Throughout Global WeekⅡ, we offered opportunities for our students to think about fair trade.


ーEast Timor and coffee tastingー

During lunch break, on the fourth day of Global Week, our school’s volunteer group, named Blue Peco, held an activity to support fair trade. They brewed coffee from East Timor and more than 400 people gathered to taste this fair trade coffee. After the tasting, the students recorded the taster’s reactions and taught them to say “Diak”, which means delicious. These messages were then sent to the local farmers in East Timor. Many of the students who attended were keen to learn about Blue Peco’s message about fair trade.


ーFair Trade debriefing 

On the fifth day of school, the students who actually visited East Timor during summer vacation reported about their trip and about the current fair trade situation there. They posed the question about what to do about the present status quo problem.

ーEast Timor movie viewing with the Appreciation Society

On the final day, in collaboration with the NGO "Care International", we raised enough money to send a thousand educational books to East Timor.The Appreciation Society showed a movie about East Timor’s history in our auditorium. After viewing the movie, the students of Blue Peco held a briefing about what they learned about East Timor.As guests were leaving, there was coffee and handicrafts from East Timor available to view or buy.Because of this event we were able to educate many of our students and were able to raise enough funds to send a thousand educational books to East Timor.


In a global society we need to accept diversity, to understand cultural differences, 

such as color, language, wealth, and grab the opportunity to be leaders.

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