SGH Orientations

On Monday, April 11th our new first year students were given a SGH orientation in the PS auditorium. On the 12th there was another SGH presentation given to all grades.

The first year SGH orientation began with the idea of “the importance of having a perspective on what kind of globalization to aim for”. In addition, our school’s SGH support activities to the Philippines and to East Timor were explained.


The 2nd SGH orientation for all grades covered a large number of topics highlighted by a video message from a high school graduate who currently is active in the global community. How to use the SGH portal was also explained.

In the video, an encouraging message was given by the 2020 Olympic Games rugby male and female Japanese coach, Mr. Kensuke Iwabuchi. Mr. Iwabuchi, who graduated from our school in 1994, encouraged our students to become global citizens.


 We plan to implement various SGH programs in this school year as well. We hope our students will actively participate in all our programs and activities. We believe that their interest will increase because of these SGH orientations and that it will be their first step to becoming responsible world leaders.

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