English Camp(多文化共生キャンプ)を実施しました!

2017年8月27日(日)~8月29日(火) 軽井沢追分寮にてイングリッシュ・キャンプ(多文化共生キャンプ)が実施され、24名の生徒が参加しました。














First I thought the meaning of "good country "was peaceful, like doesn't have war or criminals. But I learned "good country "needs not only peace. There are a lot of problems in this world. I noticed that I should think more about world.


Firstly, “Refugees hosted.” I think we must accept refugees more. It’s no stranger to anyone else. It’s important thing to improve this world.

Secondly, “Fair trade market size.” We must increase the proportion of fair trade goods. I don’t think the most Japanese know their existence. So, i think Japan needs to appeal to everyone.

Finally, “International Student.” There are few international students in Japan. More and more, we can leads more about the world, and they can also learn about Japan. It will become a mutual benefit.


I realized that even though I was living in America, which has a lot of people from different countries, I actually didn't know many interesting and marvelous facts about other countries. By having this experience, it let me feel deep that we should always reveal the informations each other and by doing that, I thought there will be a thing which we could feel close to each other, and this will lead to great global relationships.

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